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Hanging wooden symbol "Harp", blue Agate stone, Sternengasse

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" ARPA " with blue Agate _ Favorite instrument of the Angels. The melody that caresses the heart and takes away worries and unpleasant thoughts. Helper of pleasant mood.

Explore the wonderful wooden pendant symbols with precious stones and crystals   SPECTRA® CRYSTAL by Swarovski from the Sternengasse company and feel an aura of positive energy. They are delivered with a string ready to hang and beautify your windows. As the sun's rays touch the crystal, the light refracts, the space is filled with rainbows... an unparalleled sense of harmony spreads all around! These small works of art made of cherry and pear wood, each convey a different message and give the space a sense of calm and balance, supporting the free flow of energy!

Blue Agate: It got its name from the Agate river in Sicily, where it was first discovered * Agate was a well-known stone in the ancient world * In Greece and also in Rome it was carved in the shape of a dog's, wolf's or lion's head and worn as protection against famine and pestilence * Orpheus is said to have worn an Agate amulet when he descended to the underworld * Queen Elizabeth I of England always wore an Agate amulet * Offers abundance, strength, growth, stability, self-awareness, longevity and encourages decision-making * It also enhances the fertility of the land and increases the harvest.

  • Ύψος 22cm

  • Wood & Agate objekts

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Ξύλο κερασιάς και αχλαδιάς

  • Natural wood shade

  • 90 g

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