Glückskäfer® Δείτε όλα τα προϊόντα της μάρκας

Flower press 18x18cm Glückskäfer®

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For drying flowers, the square small press, with painted detail, from the Glückskäfer company is an ideal choice!

Pressing flowers is a timeless and creative activity. Plants, herbs and flowers are selected at the peak of their flowering, then placed evenly in the flower press. The pressure draws out the moisture and time "flattens" them, leaving them with their new thin, almost transparent body. With this drying method, we can preserve our favorite plants-flowers forever. Also, make plant lists, decorate cards, lamps, furniture and anything else you can think of with the decoupage technique.

  • 18 x 18 x 6cm

  • Flower press / Album

  • Germany

  • Ξύλο & χαρτί

  • 3+

  • Red, Blue

  • 0,54 KGS

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