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nic® doll stroller

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Doll pram, from the nic company , made of birch plywood and durable beech wood in red color. Includes bed linen. The wheels are connected to steel axles and have special tires that reduce noise.
Another feature is the spacious seat for dolls, teddy bears...nothing can stop a long excursion in the children's room!

Educational games designed for understanding and monitoring the environment. nic toys are produced and quality controlled, made of first class wood, with soft round shapes and construction that is especially suitable for babies and toddlers. The continuous expansion of the range promises fun for many years!

Award-winning game with: .

  • 66 x 35 x 50cm

  • Doll's pram

  • Germany

  • Οξιά

  • 1+

  • 52 x 40 x 37cm

  • Red

  • Includes bed linen

  • 5,60 KGS

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