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Natural toys

In the early stages of Ones Child development, playing supports and encourage this process. Eco friendly toys from natural materials like wood, fabric and metal along side the natural forms, the pale colours, allow the natural beauty of the wood to be emerged. 
Awakening new senses in the world of the creative imagination, to inspire and encourage the Childs connection to real life.


The arrival of a baby  triggers the most beautiful emotions. The baby is particularly sensitive to the messages transmitted by his environment, for this reason, everything around him must be chosen with special importance. At this time in their lives, babies try to gain control of their bodies. Habits, imitation, and constant unconscious repetitions play a crucial role in this endeavor. The child tirelessly strives to master the upright posture and is not discouraged by any failure.

Spinning tops and yo yo have been the beloved toys of kids as well as adults in Ancient Greece from representations found on artefacts that have been recovered.
Those wooden or sometimes metallic objects are being played in the same way they were back then.
Spinning tops have been evolving through the centuries. Taking different forms, shapes, colourations, names, sizes, but always maintaining their conical shape.
This evolution has increase the popularity as well as their status amongst different civilisations around the world.

Surprise Cards,...other years, greeting cards filled the mailboxes of houses ... The wonderful journey of a greeting card reveals the "secret" of the sender and brings together love, affection, healing, wealth, happiness, expectations, nostalgia, gifts, joy!
Say it, with a card ... say it differently ... Puzzle,
these intricate toys are made up of hundreds or even thousands of unique interconnected pieces of paper or wood, struggling to find their other half...

Board games 

Board games contribute to the development of mental and motor skills, such as methodology, logical thinking, the synchronization of all body parts in new, new perspectives...

Arts and Crafts-Constructions

Do you know why you are collecting all of your child's artwork in a folder or storage box for years to come - they are valuable to you because your child made them? The arts and crafts provide the child with a unique opportunity to practice and improve their fine motor skills. Perhaps one of the major benefits of developing a child's life is being creative and inventive in a number of ways...


Music is defined as the art based on the organization of sounds for the purpose of composition. The term music also means the set of sounds that make up a piece of music. Also known as Apollonian Art, music takes its name from the nine Muses of ancient Greek mythology. A word that has survived to the present day and has even been extensively extended to all western languages (music, musique, musik, musica etc.).

 Art Objects

Art as a form of expression of human feelings and thoughts from the beginning of the creation of the world, is all around us and appears as a Miracle in life. Art can be a challenge or a call, but at the same time a sense of self-fulfillment - the determination to do more and different things. Art can be a message of political peace, barbarism or beauty. Art can be an escape from everything known, or just a means of play. Art is, to put the feelings of the heart into words that make lyrics and make the eyes shine, to capture in great paintings the cause of the creation of the world, to create music that will inspire eternally, art is just to exist, to feel , to love ... art expands the horizons of the mind and makes the soul fly!

"Life mimics art far more than art mimics life" Oscar Wilde's


La Siesta hammocks are handmade of exceptional durability of all types for indoor or outdoor use ... Tripadvisor favorites ... are the most must-have product for all quality accommodation. The hammocks that hang from a single point are very preferred by hotels and hostels, they are washable and do not take up much space while they can withstand 160kg! Synthetic friendly fabrics for all-day sun exposure without rain without any problem. You will also find hammocks made of organic cotton or plain cotton.



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